Adhérez aux Jongleurs Associés du Québec 
Formulaire d'adhésion 
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Why becoming a member ? 
- To be involved in the assocation and its life (right to vote) 
- To gain access to a juggling information network 
- To receive at home four times a year the JAQ newsletter "Les JAQ'asseries" 
- To get low fares in all activities organized by JAQ. 
- 10% discount at on some juggling stuff : check the suppliers page 
Cost ? 
- Under 18 (on the first of september): $10,00 
- Adult price : $20.00 
- Family card: $30.00 for all members (parents and children only) 
- Groups cards available. 
- Validity of the card : 1 year from the date of subscription 
subscription form to the JAQ 
Under 18 10.00$ : Individual adult 20.00$ : Family 30.00$ :  
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Do you agree to publish your phone number in the JAQ _printed_ directory ?  

Do you agree to publish your phone number in the JAQ online directory ? 
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Please include print screen with a cheque to the JAQ  
and mail to :  
Les Jongleurs Associés du Québec 
3850 Old Orchard Ave. 
Montreal QC H4A 3B1